The Process of a Unique Challenge

Ketchikan Museums is a local entity operated under the City of Ketchikan, with two different museum locations Totem Heritage Center & Tongass Historical Museum. With major improvements and renotations finally taking place, Ketchikan Museums reached out to North Creative Design Co. to develop a logo that will turn into a local favorite with emphasis on what brings these two locations together, our infamous Creek Street. Their goal was to create a piece that was uniquely Ketchikan, along with being versitle enough to statisfy their department as they grow and develop a new temporary exhibit (Spring of 2017) and permanent collection in Spring of 2018.


North Creative Design Co. worked with the talented staff at Ketchikan Museums, along with the board of executives and some focus groups, to achieve the right design that felt like home and was instantly recognizable. You’ll see this design get implemented as they fill their newly renovated exhibit space, along with signage and decals outside of the Tongass Historical Museum.