A Newly Renovated Store, Calls for a Website that Embraces It

Tatsuda’s IGA has just celebrated 100 years in our community. They celebrated this milestone with a completely updated look to the store, filled with one-of-a-kind artwork commissed by local artist Evon Zerbetz, energy effient freezers and coolers, new flooring, exterior and interior paint, and so much more!

It was important for the look of the store to be carried into an online presense. This task presented a challenge to truly grasp the unique history of the store and the Tatsuda’s family, but also to share a unique experience with their customers. Visit tatsudasiga.com.


North Creative Design Co. worked with the team of Tatsuda’s IGA to capture Bill’s (third generation Tatsuda) family history which is what the store was founded on. Along with celebrating momumentus achievements by Katherine, such as a finalist for 2017’s IGA’s Retailer of the Year among many others, staff has made a true committment to the family and store and has many have been working in their departments for 10+ years. North Creative celebrated the Tatsuda’s culture by capturing bold and bright images for website content.